Cave: “Lick the Sky” (12/16/13)

q12power cave 2011_004 edges line

[gourdboy, elec. guitar; J Moser, acoustic guitar; corndoggie, fiddle]

3 Responses to “Cave: “Lick the Sky” (12/16/13)”

  1. The cover art of this recording gave this reviewer a few clues to the potential of the latest offering from the enigmatic “Cave”. It seems that Gourdboy has finally created a gourd that will grow in a triangular shape and has fashioned a “criss cross” autoharp type of instrument that relies heavily on the underlying drone strings ala the sitar and that Boatdog has also mastered the new instrument, Boatdog playing “lead tringular gourd autoharp” and Gourdboy doing the backup strumming. Most surprising is Corndoggies new ax, apparently the first bagpipes that are nasally powered and with the difficult skill of circular breathing techniques allowing the artist to not only play the nosebags but also to give us his singular vocal stylizations simultaneously although we don’t hear his whiskey rasp on this recording. According to the liner notes, Corndoggie has devised a clever “reverse vacuum” lever on the nose pipes he has dubbed the “Robert Downey Jr. mode” which, he claims, has an profoundly different effect. We all await forthcoming arrangements from this group’s new innovative instrumentation. This humble critic personally believes that Power Cave is the band of the future and that it always will be.

  2. I played the “Triangulate” link and my canine became very disturbed. Maybe Triangulate would be better suited for an Ungulate audience.

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