Cave: “Mr. Percy’s Salon” (2004) remastered


— with special guest artist Rotobra, backup vocal (and banjo?)

2 Responses to “Cave: “Mr. Percy’s Salon” (2004) remastered”

  1. This isn’t the “Mr Percy” I remember. Whatever happened to “Mr. Percy, please have mercy, my dates gonna get a bad surprise if my Pompadour don’t rise” ? Post that version again, (along with the vid) maybe someone will nominate ya’ll for a Grammy in the new catagory “Best Old Basement Mind Altered Freakout Band” with a special mention of the inspired vocaliztions of “O3”.
    I can’t hear myself on this record, maybe I was “re-mastered”.
    There goes MY Grammy!

  2. OK, I listened to it again and yep, that’s me alright. My voice (except for the big finish falsetto) sounds like I’m a little inebriated. My banjo playing,however, is innovative and spot on. Do I smell a Grammy? I smell something. Now I know I’ll never win the “Best Banjo Player in Richmond Award like Boatdog did (true fact, check it out on Wiki) but my subtle, understated (didn’t know the chords, if there were any) style is enough to put me in a catagory of my own.

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