My favorite song Pete Seeger wrote

Every time I hear this song I cry. But for the grace of God, a twist of fate, a few years one way or ‘tother I might have dealt with the moral question of killing for a cause. We are still at war but the average American on the street doesn’t seem to care or even know about it. When my older friends in the 70’s returned from the “Nam” they were vilified for doing what their country ordered them to do. In retrospect, after wondering these many years about their frightening behavior, I feel that they all had PTSD and were seriously FUBAR.
Translation , Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Fucked Up Beyond Any Recognition


4 Responses to “My favorite song Pete Seeger wrote”

  1. corndoggie Says:

    Hmmm. Are these older vet friends corporeal or hyperbolic?

  2. Corporals, privates, first Looeys they were all over the map but they shared one thing in common, they were all batshit crazy and less hyperbolic than hypodermic. Most folks don’t know that at age 15 I stayed at a Quaker safe house in DC, met the leaders of “Vietnam Veterans Against the War” , stood with them in front of The White House and took my turn beating the 24-7 drum outside Nixons bedroom window. It was a few years later before I experienced first hand and to my own peril what the war had really done to them.

  3. corndoggie Says:

    Never heard that.

  4. When Jude’s mom heard that I was planning to hitch hike to DC for the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival with just a few bucks and my banjo she arranged for me to stay with the “Friends” where I took my meals with the anti war activists. At the festival I just missed meeting Pete Seeger but I did have the honor of talking to Earl Scruggs after his great set. The straight laced, bible banging Mr. Scruggs seemed a little out of place wearing his gray striped polyester suit among all those hippies on the mall attending the first annual ” Marijuana Smoke In” that was happening at the same time and place. I then spent the next few hours enjoying the “Smoke In” openly passing joints with the exuberant hippies within a few yards of the surrounding troop of cops on horses who looked none too pleased but could do nothing without the risk of starting a full scale riot. Like Jude says, I should write a book. I’m almost like Forrest Gump without as many learning disabilities.

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