Quebe Sisters in Hollywood


I thought KB might enjoy this photo that the Quebe Sisters posted to Facebook today. I know you are a big fan.


9 Responses to “Quebe Sisters in Hollywood”

  1. Lately I have contributed more than my share of ribaldy not to mention rancor and rank nonsense so I will refrain from the obvious ribald remarks about opening wide to accept the wood in Hollywood. I thought KB didn’t like cajun music, “eh,eh,eh” but maybe he likes these particular swamp gals. I know I like one of them more than the others but it was not to be despite the well meant clever romantic manipulations of le chen de bateaux. I fell in love with her on the banks of the Achafalaya. Her eyes and her soul were as brown, deep, sad and mysterious as the river itself but she was rowing upstream and I was headed south so the tides of fate drifted us to different levees, seperated by the low hanging fog of the river of life and misty dreams of what might have been.

  2. Think “Canandian,” not “Acadiene.”

  3. Roto the Quebe Sisters hail from Texas and really know how to swing. Great fiddle players, all 3

  4. I must be getting them confused with the girl group that Mr. and Mrs. Boatdog introduced me to down in Cajun country. At that time I was priviledged to speak at length to one of them and we exchanged information to contact each other in the future, info I promptly misplaced much to my dismay. So JMoser is wrong? They are neither Canadian nor Acadiene? I think this beautiful woman played the bass, not the fiddle. Still the one I did meet will always haunt my dreams.

  5. I just saw them on youtube. I was wrong, not the same girl band. They are good at Texas Swing, Bob Wills would have loved them too. I still feel the same about the one I met.

  6. Think “3” not “me.”

  7. Whatever it was, you can bet it won’t sound the same whenever you hear it again cause the group has broken up or something. Joey McKenzie does not play with them anymore. I hear it was not his decision to leave the group. Saw them recently in Dallas at the park, McKenzie is gone, bass player Kelso is gone, and somewhere along the way, the thrill got off the bus using the side door. Don’t get me wrong,-what’s left is nice, but it doesn’t roll, sock or punch as once upon a time. I mean those girls are competent musicians, but so was Lawrence Welk. Something is flat wrong, gone, and for my limited amount of funds, I was lucky to have found out about this change without spending $25 the hard way.

  8. This year brings yet more developments for the band. Bandmates Joey McKenzie and Gavin Kelso will no longer be joining us on the road, as they pursue other ventures in 2014.

    We would like to thank Joey – founding member and mentor – for his excellent musicianship, hard work, and years of dedication to our band. We’d also like to thank Gavin for his enthusiasm and professionalism – not to mention the fantastic bass playing that he brought to the band.

    With this change, we are happy to announce that Penny Lea and Katy Lou Clark of The Purple Hulls will be joining us for a busy year of touring!

    It has been a blast incorporating their wide variety of talents into our sound, and we hope that you will have as much fun hearing them as we have playing with them.

    Thanks to you – our fans and friends – for a helping make 2013 a great year. We look forward to seeing y’all on the road again!

    Grace, Sophia & Hulda Quebe

  9. your sound is not the same. I don’t like the new sound. I won’t be going to any more of your shows. signed , x fan

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