Where’s Waldo?




Slick trick in a publication that includes several of my donated photos. The eventual vote.


3 Responses to “Where’s Waldo?”

  1. Pano party.

  2. Baseball stadium in one of Richmond’s most historic areas and this will fund a “slave holocaust” museum? It seems like a bad idea. Are not the Richmond Braves a farm team for Atlanta? The Richmond Braves never could fill their existing stadium and have caricatures of native Americans as their logo. Slaves? Indians? What about Libbey Prison? What about the old Main st Train Station? I now know what JMoser was talking about when he said the powers that be in Richmond only care about history if there is a supposed tax revenue paycheck but are happy to throw out the baby with the bath water if it gets the votes and the corporate kickbacks. What a train wreck. Follow the money and spread the word. Your fight has only begun. I have had personal experience in these “David and Goliath” fights with powerful government entities and state utilities and I know that you can win. We did, against all odds with the power of the pen (now media) and not the sword. If I were there and knew all of the facts on the ground (who really does?) I would volunteer to help. Send me the details and I will craft a letter to the editor of your papers, and yes I know that you know how to do this very well but one more writer can help tip the balance. You would be surprised how easy it is to get a TV Sat upload truck with a talking head to show up at your protest on a slow news day. Twice our protests made two out of three major broadcast news hours in Dallas (a media market 10 times larger than Richmond’s) via a few phone calls and faxes. We were helped by some major Texas environmental activists who showed us how to organize, set up phone trees etc. We won but at a cost and a certain sacrifice. At the time it was a great thrill to beat such powerful forces to protect our neighborhood. I will stand with you.

  3. Thanks, Roto!

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