Happening Now, 150 Years Ago


The Union army built the world’s longest ever (the record still stands) pontoon bridge across the James River between Charles City and Prince George Counties, VA. They managed to move a 50 mile long supply train, 100,000 men and 5,000 head of cattle across the river over 3 days without being detected by the Confederates.


images courtesy Library of Congress

3 Responses to “Happening Now, 150 Years Ago”

  1. In regard to comprehending why The War of Northern Aggression, er. The Civil War (Civil?) still commands such attention one need only peruse the KIA lists of our many wars and understand that this war was fought on our own land and against our own relatives. These numbers do not include MIA or wounded and the Civil War total is considered by scholars to be low by about 100K.
    Civil War …625,000
    I like to read about this period. Read about “The Battle of the Crater” during the siege of Petersburg. I just read “Master of War” a biography of Union Gen. George Thomas, Lincolns best general and a Virginian! The Union’s Bobby Lee! The Hero of Chickamauga!
    (I think)

  2. Steve Smith Says:

    I’m afraid the caption for the longest bridge is incorrect. The bridge built by Union soldiers was some 700 yards long, while the pontoon bridge built across the Arkansas river in order to build the permanent bridge between Russellville and Dardanelle, Arkansas, was around 780 yards long. The Union bridge over the James river may have been the longest pontoon bridge built during the Civil War, but the record didn’t stand past 1909.

  3. As a friend of mine once said, “It’s a fact, it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not.” Thanks for your information – I’ll look it up. The fact that I can point to several historical texts that support the caption is probably irrelevant – they may be all wrong!

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