American Tune

photo by corndoggie (July 23, 2010)

Noted folklorist and musician Elmer Pickle arranging an instrumental version of the familiar American song “Happy Birthday” in preparation for an upcoming lecture tour.


4 Responses to “American Tune”

  1. In my deepest, darkest hours I have been known to turn to a stringed instrument to help me view my own personal pain through the perspective and prism of a song, written in pain with some hope for redemption. I don’t know Elmer Pickle and you can bet I wasn’t singing “Happy Birthday” that night. Space is at a premium in my new home, (It has an engine and steering wheel)
    so I just bought a nice Washburn backpacker style six string. It should serve.
    Roto Bro

  2. Anonymous Says:

    At least you still have your get up and go.

  3. rotobra Says:

    Thanks for the kind words anymouse, but I’m getting the feeling that my “get up and go” has already got up and left. At my age I often think of the here after, I go to the garage and I wonder what I’m here after. Still they have not yet taken away my drivers license so watch out soon for my 17,000 Lb Land Yacht as it careens up to your doorstep with me and my road crew seeking a warm welcome, a long hot shower and a place to dump my blackwater. You know I would do the same for you. I promise that you won’t regret it.
    See you soon,

  4. ANONY MOUSE Says:

    There’s a pub here named after a noted author — kind of a biker/Big Mike feel, with fantastic ex-military-style waitresses. We went there recently and the owner was wearing a Blackwater t-shirt. I asked to see the back and it was the same as the front, but LOUDER and PROUDER. “Fan or insider?” “Somebody I know.” “Cool shirt.” Cool pub. Watch out not to screw up, though. They be watching you.

    The Prince sold out and BW changed its name, if not its game. Not really as cool as I let on, but the PUB is cool. When in Rome…

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