Just thought THIS was cool


4 Responses to “Just thought THIS was cool”

  1. rotobra Says:

    I don’t much care for the redhead with all the tats but the brunette is like a sublime vision from an erotic fantasy graphic novel, a living dream. Can you give us some background details about who she is, where the picture was taken, etc.? Where can I find more images of her? I would love it if she would agree to model for me. She can be my “Daily Muse” anytime. Her fee is no object provided it’s only a little more than dinner, a movie and a couple of Benjamins. Hook us up, BoatDog!

  2. Not really sure – O3 is the real fan of the belly dancers, but he has a video he took of her on his Youtube channel. See –

  3. J Moser Says:

    Here you go, Roto: http://shahrzadraqs.com/

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