Indian-English relations in Va.







One Response to “Indian-English relations in Va.”

  1. Think of ol’ Chief Opeck as the Osama Bin Laden of his day and imagine the relief of my ancestors when he was so publicly sent to The Great Spirit. I love the Great Seal of The Commonwealth of Virginia showing Virtue with her foot on the neck of Tyranny always accompanied by the motto “Sic Semper Tyrannis” meaning in Latin “Thus always to tyrants!” This “State” motto was introduced by George Mason in 1776 and quickly adopted by The Virginia Assembly. I thought it rather ironic when I saw a similar marker at the site where Booth was captured and allegedly killed knowing that these were the same words he shouted out during his leap from the box to the stage as he made his escape from Fords Theater after shooting Lincoln.
    When Tim McVeigh was busted within hours of his blowing up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City he was wearing a tee shirt displaying this same Latin phrase under a picture of Abe Lincoln. The right wing radio host, Glenn Beck, closes his daily show with this same motto.
    During the War of Northern Aggression (joke), troops on both sides did not understand Latin so they thought that this phrase meant, “Get yer damn foot offa my neck!”
    I love history, so full of things you didn’t learn in school.

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