Thanksgiving Parade

Grabbed this photo from TotallyCoolPix.  Someone’s favorite memory of this years Macy’s parade. Happy Tanks giving to all.


4 Responses to “Thanksgiving Parade”

  1. Dats what I’m thankful about, a giant helium filled Spiderman tossing Uncle Sam’s fruit salad in front of thousands of delighted fans lining Central Park West. Only in America. They should leave them attached and tow it behind the Goodyear Blimp over the streets of Ferguson MO and at the designated moment have the citizens who are loaded for bear and have bare arms, uh bear arms, fire tracers into the air. That’il learn um durn um. The revolution might be televised so stay tuned for the latest update and remember our motto, “if it bleeds it leads” In Dallas this type of incident is so common that the story is buried on page four of the “Metro” section and considered ‘business as usual”.
    Please, old friends, forgive my twisted sense of humor and sarcasm.
    Happy Thanksgiving and I know you will all be happy to see me soon when I show up at your door at two in the morning looking for a place to “crash” for only a couple of months. Thanks in advance,

  2. The real deal me brothers.

  3. 1974, the basement of Ricky F’s mom’s house, we telephoned the only alternative station in town to request the “un censured” version of this tune from our buddy, the DJ, “Mike Boguss” ( a guy who had lost an arm in Nam but could spin platters like nobody’s bidness) and the next thing we heard over the airways was a shout out to us and the tune that included the word “goddammit”.
    Through the speakers came the words, ” Now we gonna get high and dig this jam requested by my brother Mike Coghill”. He was treading on thin ice and after a few more all night parties we had at the radio station he lost that gig and I never did here about him again.

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