Taking down video ball tower

1-01-15_2487-tower 1-01-15_2528-3-images-forklift-PANO 1-01-15_2536_dismantling_tower


3 Responses to “Taking down video ball tower”

  1. More proof that Richmond is becoming a clone of a clone of a wannabe trend that already happened elsewhere. But, who cares what I think. I’m not one of the coveted “millenials” that the city is pandering to. …and it won’t be too long before my kind are gone. Happy new year!

  2. Thanks for the uplifting words.

  3. corndoggie Says:

    I ain’t no millenial either and stayed far from the noisy event…

    But the (local and original) design and build process was interesting, with clever rigging of chain motors to permit the inner screens to move within the outer ring.

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