Bracken House Biscuit

For those of you who have been wondering about the origin of this Benjamin Moore paint color (and I know you have been, or would have done if you’d have thought of it):

“This rich, toasted hue captures the shade of a circa 1760 color uncovered by paint analysts at Bracken Tenement, owned by the “round bellied vicar” John Bracken.”


Details of the “round bellied vicar” will have to wait for another time, another place.


6 Responses to “Bracken House Biscuit”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I awoke this morning to find our cat had puked on my camera. My computer keyboard is wasted by the cat knocking off desk so much and the one BigK lent me works halfway.

    What a cruel day! No joke……………..

  2. corndoggie Says:

    Have you tried Puke-B-Gone?

  3. J Moser Says:

    Yes, the photo I posted is not a paint sample – it is actually a picture of what it looks like when a cat pukes on a camera.

  4. Everything I do is half way

  5. rotobra Says:

    There were two young ladies from Birmingham
    shall I tell you the story concerning ’em?
    They lifted the frock and diddled the cock
    of the Bishop as he was confirming ’em!
    Now the Bishop was nobody’s fool,
    ( he had been to a large public school)
    So he dropped down his britches and diddled those bitches
    with his six inch Episcopal tool.
    Said one girl as the Bishop withdrew,
    “Not bad for a Bishop, ’tis true.
    But the prick of the Vicar is thicker and quicker
    and three inches longer than you!

    An oldie, author unknown. It doesn’t mention the shape of the Vicar’s belly or if the younger girl said, “Bofe us?”

  6. corndoggie Says:

    The randy old Bishop of Birmingham
    Used to seduce young girls while confirming ’em.
    In the name of Divinity
    He stole their virginity
    By ejecting Episcopal sperm in ’em.

    — from A.’s mental storehouse of dirty doggerel

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