Journey Begins

Took Chris to Georgia the other day.  He intends to keep going.



18 Responses to “Journey Begins”

  1. Does he have a trail name yet?

  2. He is going by “Food Mart” because of the variety of food he has with him.

  3. Isn’t bear-baiting was agin’ the law?

  4. corndoggie Says:

    Hmmm… it seems that Authors have lost the ability to edit their own comments — only Editor/Administrators can do that now.

  5. corndoggie Says:

  6. corndoggie Says:
  7. jude3obscured Says:

    You should be ashamed of your bad grammar; you know who you are (and Big K knows what I’m talking about). BTW, you and J. Moser were part of this really complicated dream where J.M. invented a new kind of surfboard and you were traveling to the West Coast to promote it as part of a movie starring William Shatner.

    Also, it’s very cool your kid is doing this. When does his name change to 7-Eleven?

  8. The Grammar Lady returns!

  9. If we can get Captain Kirk to buy-in, I think the surfboard movie could go places. Thanks Jude.

  10. What was the name of the psychiatrist that used to post here. Maybe we can get him to weigh-in on Jude’s dream.

  11. Dr. Phil? …. Oh, Dr. Phi-iil…. you there?

  12. It looks like Shatner is talking PIPELINE. That’s a SURFING term, isn’t it?

  13. jude3obscured Says:

    Also, it was a very small, short board. But with a lot of charm.

  14. “It may be short, but at least it’s skinny”

  15. Hello Musers,
    I have not commented for a while but I do enjoy tuning into The Muse every so often for my own amusement and perhaps, if asked, to give some of my personal insights about the question at hand such as the one posed by Big K in reference to Mr. Obscured’s dream.
    Dreams are deeply mysterious and powerful as various cultures around the globe have known since the dawn of man. Dreams can alert you to your psychic apprehensive tension or give you great insight into your hopes and potential creative inspiration. Several of my clients tell me that they have “lucid dreams” meaning that, although they are technically in the REM ( rapid eye movement
    dream stage of sleep) they can control their dreams, wake and return to the same dream when they go back to sleep. I encourage my clients to keep a bedside “dream log” to record their dreams directly after they wake as it seems that we have some strange brain defense mechanism that hits “dream delete” moments after you wake up. It doesn’t take a trained shrink like me or a “What your dreams mean.” book to figure out what most of them are trying to tell you. Most disturbing dreams can be easily traced to something in your life that is making you rather anxious. On the other hand, many patents have been filed and millionaires made by dream inspired ideas. A recent study has shown that you will have more “good dreams” if you increase your melatonin levels, available naturally in bananas, sunflower seeds, almonds, supplements, etc. Your body naturally releases the “stress hormone” cortisol in the wee hours so going to bed early is a good idea if you tend to have nightmares.
    If you are having recurrent and frightening dreams it might be a good idea to have a trusted professional counselor or a caring, perceptive, intuitive friend try to help you suss out what’s really going on. Often simply describing the disturbing dream to someone can reduce such episodes. I’m sure that most of this stuff is not news to you educated Musers but what compelled me to write is the fact that I too had a similar dream that I recorded in my dream log. In the dream I was in the sea with other surfers letting huge waves pass them. I shout to them, “I’m going!” They watch with a mixture of admiration and condolence as I use the powerful electric motor of my superboard with computerized gyroscopic stabilization and handlebars as I disappear over the crest using the turbo jets to power me straight down a sheer wall of water and then effortlessly into the breaking wave increasing my throttle speed just enough to prevent me from being wiped out as I lower the control bars to allow me to slip through the roaring tube. I break out at the end while the wave crashes behind me and jet out to the other surfers who are still waiting for the “right wave”. Right before I woke up I heard, maybe felt, a voice echo a word that sounded like “Cathexis!”

    William Shatner is quoted, “I’m surfing the giant life wave!”
    Dream on Musers,
    Dr. Phil

  16. jude3obscured Says:

    Dr. Phil, you are one longwinded s.o.b. Which I mean in the best possible way, assuming I know who you are. (And I can’t imagine you’d be anyone else.)

    Go figure that one out.

  17. Does Dr. Phil know all? “Cathexis” was going to be the name of the yacht I was going to build for myself, back in the time of wide-awake dreaming, when future years were stacked up like cord wood to be burned.

  18. Good idea – let’s burn one

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