Clingman’s Dome

Near Gatlinburg Tenn.  Highest peak on the AT


2 Responses to “Clingman’s Dome”

  1. The Mushroom Guy, (AKA) Beautiful Dude (Ap.Trail 1979-2007) Says:

    After Clingman’s Dome it’s a short leap to Bald Knob and then a hard march through The Hole in the Gap. Please post a few pictures of those adorable “Wood Nymphs” who sometimes haunt The Trail and then mysteriously slip away in the night to answer another hiker’s call of the wild. Once while camping at Crabtree Falls I was pressed into service to participate in an extended field study by a very dedicated Vassar scholar in her quest to compile field notes for her post graduate thesis. Something about the social proclivities and mating rituals of America’s last nomadic tribes. I tried to ignore her constant note taking and actually thought we could be an “item” when suddenly one fire lit night, without so much as a howdy do or a handshake she grabs her gear and double times it up the trail toward some gnarly bikers who were howling at the moon. I guess she just wasn’t quite finished with her research. I, however, was finished with mine. So many stories that cannot be told, such flights of fancy, lost trails of old, at once so real yet merely some dreams, reality itself is not what it seems.
    The Beautiful Dude

  2. J Moser Says:

    You’re crucifying me!

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