Latest from the trail

Hope everyone doesn’t get bored with these pix but I just think the whole thing is cool.


5 Responses to “Latest from the trail”

  1. J Moser Says:

    When does the live streaming start?

  2. Anonymous Says:

  3. i think its cool too. my nephew thru hike the AT back a few years ago.

  4. Welcome back, jmsayles! I’m going to tackle the trail myself as soon as the park service embraces our new reality and provides Sherpa porters to haul up the golf carts, portable hot tubs, beverage stations, gourmet chefs and other such routine creature comforts. By the way, how DO the hikers get their creature comforts? They must descend into civilization occasionally to stock up on staples.
    Just sayin or rather askin’

  5. Anonymous Says:

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