Famous Basement



3 Responses to “Famous Basement”

  1. I can hear Buzzard calling you from upstairs to clean the dishes. My home away from home

  2. Close but no cigar. This is in the west end. Hint: That’s Roto in the photo and that’s his banjo on his wall.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Well it’s been a good long while since I checked in but just now I had a wild hair and decided to have a look. Just as I had suspected, I was rather underwhelmed as I skimmed over the usual dreck and drivel all the while thinking to myself that reviewing this formerly halfway interesting forum on a yearly basis might be a little too often, this image stirred some strange reaction from the recesses of my fevered brain. It took me a minute but suddenly I realized that it was a picture of my own sweet ass giving the business to the “chick du jour” in the basement of my Mom’s house in the west end back in the day, (mid 70’s?) Thankfully the little lady’s identity is obscured although a few of you dogs might have recognized her. However I assure you that this picture was snapped surreptitiously and totally without my consent and certainly without hers. I can’t even remember the girl’s name but strangely I still own that antique banjo you see on the wall. Women come and go but you can’t replace a banjo like that. Do I win?

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